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Velleman K8055(N) and VM110(N) Resources Page

Velleman K8055(N) and VM110(N) Software
  • K8055N Software Pack DLL,demo and examples for K8055N & VM110N (this software is downwards compatible with our K8055 & VM110 USB boards
Velleman K8055(N) and VM110(N) Apps and Extras
  • link for Linux application


  • K8055, K8055N, VM110, VM110N iPhone-application

    iPhone application for K8055N (kit) or VM110, VM110N (assembled) USB Experiment Interface Board.

    K8055, K8055N, VM110, VM110N iPhone-application

    From now on your can control all your home applications from anywhere you can access the Internet on your iPhone. No network configuration is required!

    Download the application here: K8055/VM110N iPhone Application download 2010 Damien Walsh

    The Client software can be downloaded from: Client software

  • K8055, K8055N, VM110, VM110N application for Android

    This is an Android version of the demonstration app used for the K8055, K8055N, VM110N & VM110N USB Experiment Interface Board. Download the application here: K8055 Android application 2011 John Marshall

  • plug-in for IPEmotion measurement software

    Students who are already working with the K8055/VM110 Experiment board will benefit from the plug-in for IPEmotion measurement software.

    Download: K8055 Plugin

    See how easy it is on Youtube!