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Velleman VR204 - Two Legged Allbot Kit

The ALLBOT® Two Legged Allbot Kit is part of a modular robot system with Arduino® compatible robot shields. Build and enhance the robot, learn how to program, use the app and have fun!


  • all necessary plastic parts
  • 4 x 9G servo motors
  • a servo motor connector shield (VRSSM)
  • a battery shield (VRBS1)
  • includes different feet
  • app for smartphone or tablet (Android® or iOS®) (optional VR001)


  • servo motor connector shield (VRSSM):
    • compatible with Arduino UNO and Arduino MEGA
    • Arduino UNO can drive max. 12 servo motors
    • Arduino MEGA can drive max. 36 servo motors
    • IR receiver
    • beeper
    • power indicator LEDs
  • battery shield (VRBS1):
    • power supply: 12 V booster for Arduino board (4 x AA batteries, alkaline or NiMH recommended but not incl.)
    • ON-OFF switch
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