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Velleman VM201 - 8-Channel Ethernet Relay Card Module

Velleman Modules Range

The Velleman VM201 8-Channel Ethernet Relay Card Module is a pre-assembled board that allows you to control eight relay channels by Ethernet. The card simply connects to your router by means of a standard network cable. You can operate the 8 relays or check the status of the input from anywhere in world. The card is web server based, so almost any internet browser can connect to the card, even mobile devices. No additional software installation required.

The unit has numerous extra features such as reports by email at power up or input status change, programmable timers for each output, labelling of outputs etc.

Connect up to 16 Amps @230Vac (12A @ 30Vdc) to each of the high power relays.Comes complete with VDR noise suppressors for relays. On-board push buttons can be used to test/operate all the relays. Header for external push button connection.

A DLL for own software development can be downloaded below. Test software completes the package.

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