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1016KT - Mono Loudspeaker Overload Protection Kit

Ability Level 2: ModeratePRODUCT FORMAT :
Self-Assembly Electronic Kit ( Soldering Required)

This mono loudspeaker protection circuit works with any audio amplifier from 1 to 100 Watts. It will protect your speakers from signal spikes and your ears from unpleasant surprises! It completely eliminates the possibility of loud speakers being damaged due to overloads.

The circuit is activated by peak signals, excessive output power and also the presence of DC voltages across its input when there is a fault in the output stage of the amplifier. It is connected in the output of the amplifier and when it is activated it inserts a 56 ohm resistor in series with the speakers attenuating the output of the amplifier by -15 dB.

See Order Code 1112 for a Stereo Loudspeaker Protection with Delay. Kit includes solder for assembly.

Working voltage9-15Vdc e.g. PP3 battery (Order Code 656.020) or mains adapter (Order Code 660.446UK with connector 778.106) or kit 1061KT
Max. current consumption50 mA
Quiescent current2mA
Input power100 Watts Maximum
Board Dimensions59 x 74mm
Board ConnectionsSolder Posts
Product FormatSELF-ASSEMBLY Electronic Kit (KT) Product Formats Info
DocumentationUser Manual
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