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Data Loggers
Data Loggers
Data Loggers from our Test & Measurement Equipment range
Velleman PCS10 - 4-Channel Recorder/Logger Module

PCS10 4-Channel Recorder/Logger module is designed to record DC signals or slow-moving signals over very long periods. measurements are automatically stored on your hard disk for further processing...

Buy 1-3: £32.68 +VAT, £39.22 Inc Each
Buy 4+: £31.86 +VAT, £38.23 Inc Each
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AS3112KT - 8-Bit PC Data Logger (Mark II)

This compact 8-Bit PC-driven sampler monitors voltage changes over periods ranging from milliseconds to months. New W9x/2000/ME/XP DAQ software is now available...

£18.29 From £13.29 +VAT, £15.95 Inc (Save 27%)
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AS3118KT - 12-bit PC Data Acquisition and Control System

This high precision 12-bit PC Data Acquisition System uses a Maxim MAX186 IC that combines an 8-channel multiplexer and high-bandwidth track/hold together with high conversion speed and ultra-low power consumption...

£58.29 £41.18 +VAT, £49.42 Inc (Save 29%)
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AS3145KT - 4-Channel Temperature Monitor/Logger for Dallas DS18S20

4-ch temperature monitor/logger for Dallas DS18S20 high precision 1-wire digital thermometer sensors. Continuous data output for RS232 serial port...

£16.63 From £14.14 +VAT, £16.97 Inc (Save 15%)
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AS3164KT - Telephone Call Logger (Real-time / Stand-alone / Serial Interface)

Records the Start and Stop time of ALL outgoing calls along with the number dialled plus any other digits pressed during the call. Operates in real-time or stand-alone. Serial download formatted log data to MS Excel...

£66.63 From £33.29 +VAT, £39.95 Inc (Save 50%)
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AS3190KT - 4-Ch Computer Temperature Monitor / Relay Control Board

4 channel computer serial port temperature monitor and relay controller. Four inputs for the Dallas DS18S20 (or DS18B20) digital thermometer sensors. The four relay channels provide output control independent of the sensor channels...

£66.63 From £41.63 +VAT, £49.96 Inc (Save 38%)
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