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Smart Kit Electronics offer a wide range of electronic kits including audio amplifiers, preamps, audio boards, speed controllers, delay timers and power supply boards.

We stock many of the Smart Kits range in our UK warehouse and offer fast despatch and express delivery options to any destination worldwide.

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AS1115KT - Vehicle Courtesy Light Extender

This highly practical and useful project keeps your car's interior light on after you close the door, allowing you time to put your keys in the ignition and fasten your seat belt or find your way out of the garage...

£6.63 £5.79 +VAT, £6.95 Inc (Save 13%)
In Stock
AS1117KT - TV Pattern Generator

A pattern generator is a very useful instrument for the correct alignment of the timing circuits of a television set...

£14.13 From £9.96 +VAT, £11.95 Inc (Save 30%)
In Stock
1145KT - TV / Radio High-Pass Interference Filter Kit

This high-pass filter only allows frequencies higher than 62 MHz to pass into your TV or Radio, blocking low frequency interference that can cause sound and image distortions...

£12.46 £6.63 +VAT, £7.96 Inc (Save 47%)
In Stock
1036KT - Transistor Tester Kit

This little circuit will help you to test and identify transistors as either PNP or NPN types. It can also test some types of diodes...

£7.46 +VAT, £8.95 Inc
In Stock
AS8122KT-RJ11-TB - Telephone Ringer Relay Switch

The Telephone Ringer Relay Switch connects to your phone line and can be used to activate an external siren, buzzer, bell, light, etc. in synchronisation with the incoming ringing signal...

Buy 1-4: £13.29 +VAT, £15.95 Inc Each
Buy 5-19: £11.30 +VAT, £13.56 Inc Each
Buy 20+: £10.63 +VAT, £12.76 Inc Each
In Stock
AS1119 - Telephone Recording Interface

Telephone Recording Interface is used to automatically operate a tape recorder (not supplied) so that all conversations that take place on the target phone line are recorded...

£9.96 +VAT, £11.95 Inc
In Stock
AS1130KT - Telephone Bug Detector

This inexpensive detector can help you to check your phone system for the presence of telephone bugs and taps. It uses two LEDs to indicate if the line is clear or not...

£7.46 From £4.13 +VAT, £4.96 Inc (Save 45%)
In Stock
1166KT - Super RIAA Stereo Preamplifier Kit

With the spread of CD players, many amplifiers and mini sound systems no longer have a phono input for a record deck. As a result, your expensive record collection has become unusable...

£29.13 £23.30 +VAT, £27.96 Inc (Save 20%)
In Stock
1214KT - Stereo Preamplifier Audiophile I/O Switcher Kit

This kit provides 6 line level stereo inputs, 1 line level stereo preamplifier output and 1 line level buffered recording output. Pure passive circuitry (not powered)...

£39.13 £31.30 +VAT, £37.56 Inc (Save 20%)
In Stock
1215KT - Stereo Line Level Audio Preamp/Headphone Amplifier Kit

This kit provides two voltage gain blocks for each channel, full “A class “ biased active elements and special noiseless PCB design (separate audio and power earth rails)...

£28.29 £24.05 +VAT, £28.86 Inc (Save 15%)
In Stock
AS1057KT - Stereo Cassette Head Preamplifier (TDA1522)

This stereo preamplifier is designed to raise the low output of cassette head to a level that will drive the TAPE-IN input of a stereo amplifier or any stereo preamplifier...

From £11.63 +VAT, £13.96 Inc
Out Of Stock
1007KT - Stabilised Variable Power Supply Kit, 3-30Vdc, 2.5A

A good quality and reliable variable voltage, stabilised power supply that is ideal for the hobbyist or professional laboratory. The kit features short circuit protection, variable DC voltages from 3-30V and a rated output of 2.5 Amps which is sufficient for most applications...

£21.63 £17.30 +VAT, £20.76 Inc (Save 20%)
In Stock
1171KT - Stabilised RF Power Supply Kit, 12-14Vdc, 3A

RF transmitters and receivers demand special power supplies in order to avoid many serious problems like noise, overheating, standing waves, etc...

£27.46 £17.46 +VAT, £20.95 Inc (Save 36%)
In Stock
1045KT - Sound Effects Generator Kit

This easy-to-build project will enable you to create a diverse range of interesting and unusual sound effects...

From £10.79 +VAT, £12.95 Inc
In Stock
AS1047KT - Sound Activated Latching Relay Switch

This sound activated latching switch can be used to turn apparatus ON and OFF from a distance...

£13.29 From £11.30 +VAT, £13.56 Inc (Save 15%)
In Stock
1035KT - Sci-fi Sound Effects Kit

Any science fiction fan will enjoy this space age effects unit. Recreate those mysterious sounds from outer space with this fascinating and fun project...

£7.46 +VAT, £8.95 Inc
Out Of Stock
1131KT - Robot Voice Effect Kit

An interesting project that will distort your voice and make it sound similar to a robot or DALEK...

£9.96 £6.63 +VAT, £7.96 Inc (Save 33%)
In Stock
AS1023KT - RIAA Stereo Dynamic Head Preamp

Hi-fi quality stereo preamplifier specially designed for turntable dynamic Pick-Up (PU) heads...

From £7.46 +VAT, £8.95 Inc
In Stock
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