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SMART Kits - Modules

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Smart Kit Electronics offer a wide range of electronic kits including audio amplifiers, preamps, audio boards, speed controllers, delay timers and power supply boards.

We stock many of the Smart Kits range in our UK warehouse and offer fast despatch and express delivery options to any destination worldwide.

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AS1113KT - 18W + 18W Stereo Hi-Fi Amplifier (TDA2030)

Stereo power amplifier based around two TDA2030 IC. It has good input sensitivity, low distortion, good operating stability and full protection against overloads and output short-circuits...

£19.13 From £15.30 +VAT, £18.36 Inc (Save 20%)
In Stock
AS1115KT - Vehicle Courtesy Light Extender

This highly practical and useful project keeps your car's interior light on after you close the door, allowing you time to put your keys in the ignition and fasten your seat belt or find your way out of the garage...

£6.63 £5.79 +VAT, £6.95 Inc (Save 13%)
In Stock
AS1117KT - TV Pattern Generator

A pattern generator is a very useful instrument for the correct alignment of the timing circuits of a television set...

£14.13 From £9.96 +VAT, £11.95 Inc (Save 30%)
In Stock
AS1119 - Telephone Recording Interface

Telephone Recording Interface is used to automatically operate a tape recorder (not supplied) so that all conversations that take place on the target phone line are recorded...

£9.96 +VAT, £11.95 Inc
In Stock
1120KT - LED RPM Indicator Rev Counter Kit

This LED RPM indicator (or rev counter) is the electronic version of the most essential car dashboard instrument. It provides a reading within the range of 0 to 7000 rpm (maximum)...

£58.29 £39.96 +VAT, £47.95 Inc (Save 31%)
In Stock
AS8122KT-RJ11-TB - Telephone Ringer Relay Switch

The Telephone Ringer Relay Switch connects to your phone line and can be used to activate an external siren, buzzer, bell, light, etc. in synchronisation with the incoming ringing signal...

Buy 1-4: £13.29 +VAT, £15.95 Inc Each
Buy 5-19: £11.30 +VAT, £13.56 Inc Each
Buy 20+: £10.63 +VAT, £12.76 Inc Each
In Stock
AS1123KT - Morse Code Generator

This kit is a very easy to build and is suitable for beginners in electronics or those who wish to learn Morse code...

From £6.63 +VAT, £7.96 Inc
In Stock
AS1126KT - Microphone Preamplifier + Tone Controls + 2 Outputs

Microphone preamplifier KIT suitable for use with any dynamic microphone. Provides separate master BASS and TREBLE controls and two OUTPUTS. Each OUTPUT has an individual VOLUME control and is sufficiently high to drive a power amplifier, a monitor circuit or both...

£14.13 From £11.30 +VAT, £13.56 Inc (Save 20%)
In Stock
AS1127KT - Master Tone Control for Preamp Kit 1126KT

This is the MASTER unit that can be used in combination with one or more kit 1126 units to form a complete MICROPHONE MIXER CONSOLE...

£14.96 From £11.97 +VAT, £14.36 Inc (Save 20%)
In Stock
AS1130KT - Telephone Bug Detector

This inexpensive detector can help you to check your phone system for the presence of telephone bugs and taps. It uses two LEDs to indicate if the line is clear or not...

£7.46 From £4.13 +VAT, £4.96 Inc (Save 45%)
In Stock
1131KT - Robot Voice Effect Kit

An interesting project that will distort your voice and make it sound similar to a robot or DALEK...

£9.96 £6.63 +VAT, £7.96 Inc (Save 33%)
In Stock
1132KT - 230Vac Mains Super 3-Channel Sound Light Effect Kit

Offers very impressive light effects thanks to very good channel separation between the low, medium and high frequency signals. up to 1000 Watts per channel...

£37.46 £31.84 +VAT, £38.21 Inc (Save 15%)
In Stock
1133KT - 230Vac Mains Stereo Sound to Light Modulator Kit

A stereo version of our kit 1006. It uses two optoisolators to link the modulators to the sound source thus separating the mains and amplifier voltages...

£14.13 £12.01 +VAT, £14.41 Inc (Save 15%)
In Stock
1134KT - 230Vac, 2KW Automatic Mains Light Dimmer Kit

This circuit will automatically adjust the lighting of a room according to the ambient light level. This circuit will automatically adjust the lighting of a room according to the ambient light level...

£41.63 £33.30 +VAT, £39.96 Inc (Save 20%)
In Stock
1139KT - Constant Speed DC Motor Controller, 4-26V, 3A

Specially designed for controlling hand-held mini drills or other permanent magnet DC motors. Includes current feedback circuitry that automatically increases the output voltage when the motor is under a higher load...

£29.13 From £23.30 +VAT, £27.96 Inc (Save 20%)
In Stock
1140KT - Five Zone Alarm System Kit

State-of-the-art security system. An integrated security system that consists of 5 independent zones. One Delay Zone, three Direct Zones and one for 24 hours protection zone...

£45.79 £38.92 +VAT, £46.70 Inc (Save 15%)
In Stock
1143KT - Digital RPM Rev Counter Kit

This digital electronic RPM indicator (or rev counter) gives a reliable, highly accurate and easy to read version of that most essential of dashboard instruments...

£35.79 +VAT, £42.95 Inc
Out Of Stock
1145KT - TV / Radio High-Pass Interference Filter Kit

This high-pass filter only allows frequencies higher than 62 MHz to pass into your TV or Radio, blocking low frequency interference that can cause sound and image distortions...

£12.46 £6.63 +VAT, £7.96 Inc (Save 47%)
In Stock
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