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SMART Kits - Modules

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Smart Kit Electronics offer a wide range of electronic kits including audio amplifiers, preamps, audio boards, speed controllers, delay timers and power supply boards.

We stock many of the Smart Kits range in our UK warehouse and offer fast despatch and express delivery options to any destination worldwide.

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AS1074KT - AC Motor Speed Controller (230Vac, 600W)

This well designed and simple to install project will let you adjust the speed of your electric drill according to the job at hand...

£13.29 From £8.29 +VAT, £9.95 Inc (Save 38%)
In Stock
1076KT - 230Vac Electronic Thermostat Switch Kit (-45C to +145C)

This unit is ideal for use in applications where continuous control in relation to ambient temperature is required. It can also be used as a temperature switch for the operation of another device...

£33.29 £26.63 +VAT, £31.96 Inc (Save 20%)
In Stock
AS1080KT - Liquid Level Sensor/Controller or Rain Alarm

This circuit can be used in a wide variety of applications where a fluid level sensor is required. It can indicate the level of fluid in a container or simply the presence of fluid depending on the way the circuit is used...

From £6.63 +VAT, £7.96 Inc
In Stock
AS1083KT - 3-Output Video Signal Amplifier

This broad band amplifier will take the RF signal from a VCR, cable box or satellite box RF (aerial) output and amplify it sufficiently to drive up to three TVs, monitors or VCRs...

£9.13 From £5.79 +VAT, £6.95 Inc (Save 37%)
In Stock
AS1084KT - High Gain TV Aerial Amplifier

A high gain, broadband aerial amplifier suitable for TV1, VHF and UHF. It can also be used for FM receivers...

£9.13 £7.64 +VAT, £9.17 Inc (Save 16%)
In Stock
1085KT - 12Vac/dc to 6V-7.5V-9Vdc Voltage Converter Kit

This useful voltage converter board allows you to power equipment that requires a 6V, 7.5V or 9V dc (800mA maximum) supply from either a 12Vdc (e.g. vehicle battery) or 12Vac (e.g. transformer) power source...

£9.96 £7.97 +VAT, £9.56 Inc (Save 20%)
In Stock
1086KT - 3-Channel In-Car LED Music to Light Modulator Kit

Turn your car into a mobile disco with this impressive light effect comprising 18 flashing LEDs...

£12.46 +VAT, £14.95 Inc
Out Of Stock
AS1091KT - Electric Guitar Preamp with Tone Controls (TL-082)

This guitar preamplifier has very good specifications that should satisfy even the most demanding user...

£14.96 From £10.79 +VAT, £12.95 Inc (Save 28%)
Out Of Stock
1092KT - In-Car Air Ioniser Kit

The benefits of air ionisers are now widely recognised. They can improve your health and promote a more positive state of mind...

£37.46 £27.46 +VAT, £32.95 Inc (Save 27%)
In Stock
AS8093KT - Intermittent Windscreen Wiper Controller

Variable intermittent windscreen wiper controller to your classic car. Delay interval adjustable from 3 to 20 seconds using onboard potentiometer...

From £10.79 +VAT, £12.95 Inc
In Stock
1095KT - Lead-Acid Battery Trickle Charger Kit

This lead-acid battery charger incorporates a rectifier, voltage regulator and an automatic electronic switch that selects fast or slow charge rate according to the condition of the battery connected to it...

£12.46 +VAT, £14.95 Inc
In Stock
AS1097 - ASSEMBLED Car Interference Suppressor Module

This ready assembled RFI filter is specifically designed to block this unwanted interference from entering your car sound system...

£14.13 £7.46 +VAT, £8.95 Inc (Save 47%)
In Stock
1100KT - 18 Watt Integrated Stereo Preamp, Tone Controls, Amplifier Kit

A complete STEREO amplifier in one board based around the popular TDA1524A IC. It has 4 inputs (P.U., AUX, TUNER and TAPE). It is designed with the latest technology and uses DC for the BASS, TREBLE, BALANCE and VOLUME CONTROLS...

£41.63 £35.38 +VAT, £42.46 Inc (Save 15%)
In Stock
1102KT - 15 LED Symmetrical Stereo VU Meter Kit

This stereo VU meter is easily fitted to any amplifier or preamplifier in the car or at home. It uses 15 LEDs placed in a single straight line - 7 for each channel with the centre LED used as an ON indicator...

£16.63 £11.63 +VAT, £13.96 Inc (Save 30%)
In Stock
1103KT - Loudspeaker LED Power Meter

This LED power meter provides a visual display of your amplifiers active output power. It simply connects in parallel across the speaker. 5 LED display...

£6.63 £5.63 +VAT, £6.76 Inc (Save 15%)
In Stock
1104KT - LED Sweet Heart Kit

A unique light effect with a heart-like shape. The heart is made up of 20 LEDs that are turned on and off periodically...

£10.79 £8.63 +VAT, £10.36 Inc (Save 20%)
In Stock
1110KT - Oscilloscope Component Tester Kit (230Vac)

This board extends the testing capabilities of your oscilloscope with features only normally found on the most expensive models. It will allow you to test many electronic components including Diodes, Zeners, Transistors, Capacitors, Coils etc...

£16.63 +VAT, £19.96 Inc
Out Of Stock
1112KT - Delayed Stereo Loudspeaker Protection Kit

Similar to kit 1016, this easy-to-build kit protects both channels simultaneously from peak signals, excessive output power and DC voltages...

£12.46 +VAT, £14.95 Inc
Out Of Stock
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