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Alarm Kits - Home - Commercial

Alarm Kits - Home - Commercial
Alarm Kits - Home - Commercial
Our range of alarm kits & modules can be used to help protect your home or commercial premises. We have a wide range in both self-assembly kit and pre-assembled module format for your industrial, professional, educational and hobby applications
Velleman K8093 - Home Alarm Kit with RF Receiver

A simple alarm control unit for the home or work place. Includes RF receiver module so alarm can be controlled remotely with optional transmitter...

£20.74 +VAT, £24.89 Inc
In Stock
Velleman MK168 - Alarm Sensor Simulator Electronic Kit

MK168 Alarm Sensor Simulator electronic construction kit provides a low-cost, low-maintenance yet realistic alarm style flashing LED that can help to scare off possible intruders...

£6.44 +VAT, £7.73 Inc
In Stock
1140KT - Five Zone Alarm System Kit

State-of-the-art security system. An integrated security system that consists of 5 independent zones. One Delay Zone, three Direct Zones and one for 24 hours protection zone...

£45.79 £38.92 +VAT, £46.70 Inc (Save 15%)
In Stock
1150KT - Portable Vibration Alarm Kit

A small alarm that may be installed anywhere and protect all sorts of things. The smallest possible movement is capable of activating the alarm which sounds until the owner comes to disarm it...

£13.29 £10.63 +VAT, £12.76 Inc (Save 20%)
In Stock
Cebek AL-1 (CAL001) - House / Car Alarm Module

One zone alarm for building or vehicle with relay output. The alarm will sound for 3 minutes when the circuit is broken. The exit delay is preset at 15 sec. The entry delay is adjustable from 10 and 30 sec. The board is reverse polarity protected...

£13.53 +VAT, £16.24 Inc
In Stock
Cebek AL-3 (CAL003) - Electronic Siren Driver Module

Electronic siren driver module for alarms provides a powerful 25W two-tone output that replicates the sound typical of a commercial alarm system. A 25W (minimum) alarm speaker is required (not included)...

£7.10 +VAT, £8.52 Inc
In Stock
Cebek AL-7 (CAL007) - Auxiliary Battery Connector Module

Auxiliary battery connector module electronic switch for batteries. It will automatically connect the battery if there is a failure from the main power source...

£4.96 +VAT, £5.95 Inc
In Stock
Cebek AL-10 (CAL010) - Burglar Alarm Module

Burglar alarm module that provides a simple but effective 12V alarm system for home, factory, office, garage, shed, etc...

£23.95 +VAT, £28.74 Inc
In Stock
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