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Radio Kits

Radio Kits
Radio Kits
Electronic Radios from our Electronic Kits & Modules range for educational and hobby applications
Digitally Controlled FM Radio Electronic Kit

MK194 Digitally Controlled FM Radio Mini Kit is a modern high quality FM receiver project with excellent sensitivity powered by a simple 9V PP3 battery. Excellent project for schools and colleges...

£14.89 +VAT, £17.87 Inc
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One Chip AM Radio Kit

Building your first radio receiver is a great experience for all those starting to explore electronics...

Buy 1-7: £14.13 +VAT, £16.96 Inc Each
Buy 8-18: £12.01 +VAT, £14.41 Inc Each
Buy 19+: £11.30 +VAT, £13.56 Inc Each
In Stock
Crystal Radio Set Electronic Kit (MX-901C)

Build and learn with your own working crystal radio set. See how the crystal diode converts RF to audio and explore the world of AM radio. Tunes into your favourite AM radio stations. Receives band from 520-1650 KHz (AM)...

£12.46 £9.96 +VAT, £11.95 Inc (Save 20%)
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