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WCAH2851 - Multipurpose ABS Enclosure, Black - 157 x 95 x 53mm

Multipurpose black ABS plastic enclosure approx. 157 x 95 x 53mm that can be used to house a number of suitable size kits and modules.

  • INTERNAL WALL DIMENSIONS: 152 x 90 x 47 mm approx. (see dimensional drawing below for full details)
  • colour: black
  • vertical slots on the inside to fix appropriate size and layout PCB's
  • Lids are retained by 4 self-tapping screws with rubber screw plugs (supplied)
  • PLEASE NOTE note that this is a general purpose enclosure. The user will need to make holes for wires, displays, ventilation, etc as required and ensure that the finished product complies with all relevant local safety regulations
  • Dimensional Drawing
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