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Velleman VPS10 - Panel Scope 10MS/s

Velleman VPS10

Velleman Instruments Range

The VPS10 panel mount oscilloscope is designed for monitoring, system analysis, educational purposes, system demonstrations, sensor testing...

Or just connect it to your car's audio system and use it as an eye-catcher!

Never before has an oscilloscope had so many potential applications. A must have!

As Velleman UK Main Dealer we can provide full support for your purchase if required.

Compare features and specifications of the various models with our Oscilloscopes Cross Reference Guide.

Buy Velleman VPS10 Panel Scope 10MS/s
  • panel mount
  • high-contrast backlight LCD
  • full auto set up
  • recorder roll mode
  • user-friendly set-up menu
  • measurements: rms, dB(rel), dBV, dBm
  • Direct Audio power measurements
  • x1 and x10 probe calculation
  • 6 display modes
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