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Velbus VMBIRTS - IR Remote Control Stick

Velleman VMBIRTS Velbus Module (Pre-Assembled)

Velleman Velbus Makes Home Automation Easy

The VMBIRTS Velbus IR Remote Control Stick features a stylish enclosure and single button operation. It allows you to control your Velbus system from the comfort of your chair.

Operation is easy and straightforward. Even in total darkness you can select the correct button and operate the remote. Designed for use with the Pushbutton/Timer module VMB4PD and other upcoming IR controllable VELBUS items.

  • access to all 4 (+4 on 2e page) buttons of VMB4PD push button and timer module
  • sleek, stylish enclosure
  • single button operation
  • unique tilt-switch action
  • 'selected button'- indication
  • animated 'transmit'-indication
  • multiple addresses allow the use of up to 16 remotes in a single room without interference
  • unused buttons can be discriminated and auto-skipped during selection.
  • auto power-off stretches battery life, even when transmit button accidentally remains pushed
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