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Velbus VMB4RYNO - 4-Channel Programmable Relay Module - 40 Modes

Velbus VMB4RYNO Module (Pre-Assembled)

Velleman Velbus Makes Home Automation Easy

The Velbus VMB4RYNO is a 4-channel relay module with 40 modes. The light in the living room, the fountain in the garden, mains outlets in the children's' rooms, the electrical car port, etc. these are only some of the things you can control. Switching everything on or off is another option.

  • different operation modes: moment control, on/off control, start/stop timer, staircase lighting timer, non-restartable timer, switch-off delay, switch-on delay, start timer by releasing push button, timer with blinking effect, 2-way timer...
  • free programmable timer functions (using Velbus Link software and USB/RS232 interface (VMB1USB, VMB1RS or VMBRSUSB)
  • 250 possible id addresses
  • manual push buttons on board for testing purposes
  • Velbus® ; connection
  • 4 Modules wide on the DIN rail
  • firmware upgradeable through the Velbus system
SpecificationsBuy VelbusVMB4RYNO 4-Channel Programmable Relay Module with 40 Modes