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Velbus VMB1TS - Temperature Sensor

Velleman Velbus VMB1TS Module (Pre-Assembled)

Velleman Velbus Makes Home Automation Easy

The VMB1TS Velbus Temperature Sensor is a sophisticated sensor for use with the Velbus system. The sensor can be configured using your PC or using the VMB1TC temperature controller.

The sensor can drive a Velbus relay contact that will drive the heating/air-conditioning (Electric/valve/pump..)

Once configured, a sensor can work like a simple thermostat. For more advanced functions it is advised to use a Velbus temperature controller VMB1TC.

A local (or Velbus button) can select day or night temperature, a comfort temperature, or set the sensor in anti-freeze.

  • night / day or Comfort setting
  • local button can be locked
  • sleep function (temporary program override)
  • cooling or heating option
  • multiple temperature alarms: anti freeze, anti overheat...
  • adjustable hysteresis: using controller VMB1TC or PC
  • history: min./max. temperature and total activated time
  • summer-time pump-lockup protection option: 1min/day
  • drive up to 7 relay outputs: valve, blower, heater day mode, a/c, pump, temperature alarms high and low
  • output cycling protection delay: minimum, 1 minute, on/off
  • programmable thermostat function through VMB1TC temperature controller
  • optional:
  • power supply: 12 to 18Vdc
  • power consumption: 15mA max.
  • adjustable sleep time: from 1min to 45days
  • range: -10°C to 63.5°C
  • accuracy:
    • at room temp: +/- 0.5°
    • at full range: +/-1°
  • hysteresis: 0.5°C to 3.5°C in 7 steps
  • controller or PC configuration (VelbusLink + interface)
  • communication: Velbus protocol
  • dimensions: 43x46x22mm
  • application example (English)
  • vmb1tc_uk
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