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Velleman VM160 - 4-Channel RF Remote Control Set

Velleman VM160 Electronic Module (Pre-Assembled)

Velleman Modules Range

The Velleman VM160 4-Channel RF Remote Control Set is supplied fully assembled and ready to use. It comprises a 230Vac mains powered cased receiver board with four 3A mains rated relay outputs (independently settable to Momentary, Toggle or Timer mode) and one VM160T transmitter keyfob.

Can be used as remote or codelock security receiver/transmitter

Works with up to 31 VM160T hand-held transmitter (one is included!)

  • 4 independent (Normally Open) relay contacts, 3A each
  • various timer possibilities per channel
  • momentary or toggle operation
  • can learn up to 31 transmitters
  • automated learning function for transmitters
  • high quality receiver housing
  • LED indication per output
  • Din rail fixation (6 modules wide)
  • works with:
    • VM160T: hand-held transmitter (one included)
    • Homelink system (Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover, etc.)
  • use 32-bit code technology
  • more than unique codes
  • code can easily be changed for safety purposes
  • frequency: 433MHz
  • receiver: R&TTE compliant (ETS 300-220)*
  • power supply: 230Vac
  • relay contacts N.O.: 5A (3A inductive load)
  • selectable timers/output: 0.5s (moment) - 5s - 15min. - 30min. - 1h - 2h - 4h & on/off
  • open field range of up to 30m possible
  • external antenna wire
  • transmitter battery: GP23GAC included
  • receiver dimensions: 108 x 102 x 45mm / 4.25 x 4 x 1.77"
  • transmitter dimensions: 88 x 37 x 13mm / 3.46 x 1.45 x 0.5"
  • * ETS 300 -220: only for EU countries
  • WARNING Product operates at mains voltage. Installation, testing and commissioning should be performed by a competent person. This product is not suitable for children. Mains Electricity Info
  • Product format: PRE-ASSEMBLED Electronic Module Product Format Info
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