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Velleman VM141 - Start/Stop Timer Module (1 Second to 60 Hours)

Velleman VM141 Electronic Module (Pre-Assembled)

Velleman Modules Range

The Velleman VM141 Start/Stop Delay Timer Module can be used in a wide range of applications where a device needs to be activated for a user adjustable time period of between 1 Sec and 60 hours.

Four time delay periods are set using 2 jumper switches and a potentiometer is used to adjust the time within these 4 ranges:

  • 1-6 Seconds
  • 1-60 Seconds
  • 1-6 Minutes
  • 1- 60 Hours

Features onboard START and STOP (reset) buttons plus inputs for your own external buttons. A 3-LED rotating display indicates timer is active and counting down.

The timer is activated using the onboard START Button or the START Input (push-button contact closure). The timing sequence is non-retriggerable and will be completed regardless of further trigger signals or if the button contacts remain closed after activation. Once finished (or the board is reset using STOP), a fresh trigger signal is needed to start a new timing period.

The countdown can be cancelled and the board reset at any time using the onboard STOP Button or the STOP Input (push-button contact closure) or by removing the power supply.

  • wide timing range
  • easy time setting
  • LED animation during operation
  • on-board START-STOP (Reset) buttons
  • non retriggerable
  • power-on trigger is possible
  • debounced buffered inputs avoid false triggering
  • compact size
  • front panel mountable
  • adjustable delay: 1s - 60h
  • power supply: 12Vdc / 100mA (e.g. Order Code 660.446UK)
  • NO/NC relay: 24Vac/dc, 3A max.
  • dimensions: 70 x 45 x 20mm / 2,8 x 1,8 x 0,8"
  • Product format: PRE-ASSEMBLED Electronic Module Product Format Info
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