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Velleman VM119 - One Channel Dual Output RF Receiver Module

Velleman VM119 Electronic Module (Pre-Assembled)

Velleman Modules Range

The Velleman VM119 One Channel Dual Output RF Receiver Module is designed for use with our 8-Channel RF Remote Transmitter MODULE (VM118R) or the USB to RF Remote Control Transmitter KIT (K8074).

Both transmitter options provide independent control of up to eight VM119 receivers so you can control remotely up to 8 devices at different places. e.g. Perfectly suited for hideaway control situations, for demonstrations, home use...

A single transmitter key-press activates two independent outputs. Each output can be configured as toggle, momentary or momentary with timer. This allows you to e.g. Start two different timers, have a momentary and a timed output, have two galvanically separated outputs, etc.

  • easy setup and transmitter 'learning', no jumper settings
  • toggle or momentary function selectable per output
  • unique feature: dual output
  • easy fixation
  • momentary function can have turn off timer
  • up to 31 different VM118R transmitters or transmitter buttons can be stored
  • 'All clear'-function
  • LED indicators for outputs and functions
  • for use with VM118R (or K8058 kit) RF transmitters
  • relay contacts NO / NC: 125Vac, 28Vdc @ 2A max. load
  • 433MHz operation
  • selectable timers per output: 0.5s, 5s, 30s, 1min, 5min, 15min, 30min and 60min
  • open field range of up to 30m possible
  • power supply: 9 to 12V AC or DC / 100mA max
  • dimensions: 80x70x25mm / 3.14 x 2.75 x 0.98"
  • Product format: PRE-ASSEMBLED Electronic Module Product Format Info
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