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Velleman MK189 - 12V Car Battery Monitor Electronic Kit

Velleman MK189 Mini Kit ( Soldering Required)

Velleman Mini Kits RangeAbility Level 1: Novice

The MK189 12V Car Battery Monitor Kit is small, simple to build and easy to install. It provides continuous feedback regarding the car battery status using a multicolour LED indicator so you can instantly see if the battery is OK, charging, overcharging or has low voltage.

Please note: no enclosure is included.

Also available in PRE-ASSEMBLED Electronic Module format (Order Code VM189)

  • easy to build in
  • only 2 wires to connect (connect after ignition)
  • uses multi colour 3mm LED
    • green: battery OK
    • Slow pulsing (green): battery OK or charging
    • red: battery voltage is low
    • red blinking: battery is being overcharged
  • includes: board to wire connector
SpecificationsBuy Velleman MK189 12V Car Battery Monitor Kit
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