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Velleman MK188 - Pulse-Pause Relay Timer Electronic Kit (1Sec - 60Hr)

Velleman MK188 Mini Kit ( Soldering Required)

Velleman Mini Kits RangeAbility Level 2: Moderate

The MK188 1Sec - 60Hr Pulse-Pause Relay Timer KIT is a general purpose pulse - pause cyclical timer for various automation applications. It provides intermittent (ON-OFF-ON-OFF, etc) operation of circuits and equipment via the high current 16 Amp mains rated onboard relay output.

This timer actives the relay for a user-set Pulse time between 1 second and 60 hours. Once this time period has elapsed, the relay with turn off for a user-set Pause time between 1 second and 60 hours. This process is repeated with the relay turning on and off for the same time periods until power is removed.

Also available as a pre-assembled module (Order Code VM188)

  • wide timing range
  • easy time setting
  • Start with:
    'pulse' 'pause'
  • single shot
  • loop
  • Applications:
    blinking of lights
    pulsed operation of buzzers
    automatic irrigation
    lawn sprinklers
    toilet flushing or ventilation
    battery charging time control
    cyclic operation of equipment
SpecificationsBuy Velleman MK188 Pulse-Pause Relay Timer Kit (1Sec - 60Hr)
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