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Velleman KA07 - RTC Shield Kit for Arduino UNO

Velleman KA07 Arduino Kit ( Soldering Required)

Arduino Kits Modules RangeAbility Level 4: Advanced

Add a Real Time Clock (RTC) shield to your Arduino UNO™ projects to ensure accurate and easy timekeeping. While the shield keeps track of time and date, the controller can focus on other tasks.

  • based on Maxim-Dallas DS1307 IC
  • counts seconds, minutes, hours, date of month, day of the week, year and leap-year
  • 12 or 24h system selectable
  • AM/PM indication
  • large user community
  • requires 1 Arduino UNO™ (not included)
  • stackable design: the shield can be stacked with other shields
  • I2C interface
  • accuracy: 20ppm (depends on crystal)
  • power consumption: 1.5mA
  • with backup battery holder (500nA when running on battery)
  • dimensions: 68 x 53mm / 2.67 x 2.08"
  • Velleman KA07 Library Modified to manage the frequency of the flashing LED on the shield, driven from the SQW.
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