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Velleman K8100 - PC Video Digitiser Card Electronic Kit

Ability Level 5: ProfessionalVelleman K8100 Electronic Kit ( Soldering Required)
Ability Level 5 : Professional

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LAST REMAINING ONE! This is the very last K8100 we have in stock so if you have been thinking about purchasing one then this is your last chance as we will not receive any further supplies...

The K8100 Video Digitiser Card for PC SELF-ASSEMBLY electronic kit is a real time video digitiser card that converts video signals supplied by a TV set, a camcorder, a video recorder, or a video camera into digital data that can be processed by the PC.

The video signals (PAL compatible) are converted into 512 x 512 pixels and 256 grey levels ; still RGB signals (colour) are converted into 16.7 million colours. The digital image is converted into a TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) or BMP (Bitmap) file that can be processed further by almost any graphics program that runs under MS-DOS or Windows.

High quality pictures are achieved by using rather high (10MHz) sampling rate and using a built-in phase locked loop.

It is requires an IBM compatible personal computers (PC) with VGA or higher video-monitor. The card can be plugged into any expansion slot within the computer.

As Velleman UK Main Dealer we can provide full support for your purchase if required.

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