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Velleman K8090 - 8-Channel USB Relay Card Electronic Kit

Velleman K8090 Electronic Kit ( Soldering Required)

Velleman Project Kits RangeAbility Level 5: Professional

The K8090 8-Channel USB Relay Card SELF-ASSEMBLY electronic kit allows you to control eight relay channels by your computer USB port. Connect up to 16 Amps to each of the high power relays.

Board space for extra VDR noise suppressors provided and on board push buttons can be used to test/operate all the relays. Header for external push button connection.

A dll for own software development is available for download. Test software completes the package.

Also available in PRE-ASSEMBLED Electronic Module format VM8090.

  • USB-controlled relay card
  • manual operation for toggle, momentary or timer operation (selectable through software)
  • timer settings up to 18 hours (DLL function)
  • optional open collector connectivity (push button simulation)
  • DLL for own software development (download only)
  • event-driven and open protocol
  • two way PC communication (USB Event return)
  • onboard test button for each relay plus header to external button connection
  • space for optional VDR (Order Code VDR300) transient suppression for use with inductive loads
  • LED indicators for USB & main power, USB data and individual relay status
  • minimum system requirements:
    • PC running USB compatible Windows version
    • USB1.1 and USB2.0 full speed compatible
    • internet connection for software download
  • optional DIN rail enclosure: B8006 (Note: cut out the USB connector)

    optional DIN rail enclosure: B8006 (Note: cut out the USB connector)

SpecificationsBuy Velleman K8090 8-Channel USB Relay Card Kit
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