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Velleman K8018B - 3D LED Cube Blue (5x5x5) Kit

Ability Level 5: ProfessionalVelleman K8018B Electronic Kit ( Soldering Required)
Ability Level 5 : Professional

Velleman Project Kits Range

The Velleman K8018B 3D Blue LED Cube (5x5x5) Kit is a very neat light effect that comes as standard loaded with effects. Connect to your computer (USB) and create your own using the free software download.

With a large number of programmable frames you can let your creativity run wild!

This product is NOT suitable for beginners as expert soldering skills are required! It is advised to start with the mini 3D LED cube MK193.

  • LEDs: 5 x 5 x 5 = 125 LEDs
  • user programmable via USB (creation of animation/scenes)
  • large amount of user programmable frames
  • Frames are separately dimmable
  • 4 transition speeds
  • available frames: 3200
  • 5 levels LED dimming available
  • no coding skills required
  • software analogue to MK193 (3x3x3)
  • software:
    • create all the animations you want and share them with others!
    • divide your animation into multiple scenes
    • up to 234 animation frames
    • supports basic geometric operations (shift, rotate, etc)
    • save an animation or send it to the LED cube
    • back up your animations to your hard drive
    • software available in multiple languages (English, French, Dutch) with easy installer
    • USB driver protocol is available for free
    • the standard cube contains an animation with 102 frames divided in several scenes (rain, snake, etc.)
  • Advanced soldering skills required
SpecificationsBuy Velleman K8018B 3D LED Cube Blue Kit (5x5x5)
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