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Velleman K6714-16 - Universal Relay Card (16 Relays) Electronic Kit (110/230Vac)

Velleman K6714-16 Electronic Kit ( Soldering Required)

Velleman Project Kits RangeAbility Level 3: Intermediate

The K6714-16 Universal Relay Card (16 Relays) SELF-ASSEMBLY electronic kit is ideal if you want to switch large electric currents using an electronic control and require control isolation at the same time.

Board power by 125-230Vac mains. Power supply transformer is included. Provides a 12Vdc output that can be used as a power supply for other kits: K6714, K8023, ... Every output of the print can be equipped with a noise suppressor network.

It provides 16 channels and all 16 relay positions are provided (see Order Code K6714-8 for a lower cost version with 8 relays provided).

  • the relays can be controlled in different ways:
    • direct control from open-collector outputs
    • TTL or CMOS level
    • other kits like K8000, K8023, K6711, ...
  • DIP switches are included to allow manual activation of the relays in case of maintenance work
  • 16 relay outputs
  • contact: 10A / 28VDC or 125VAC, max. 5A at 230VAC
SpecificationsBuy Velleman K6714-16 Universal Relay Card Kit, 16 Relays (110/230Vac)
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