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Velleman K2601 - 230Vac Mains Stroboscope Electronic Kit

Velleman K2601 Electronic Kit ( Soldering Required)

Velleman Project Kits RangeAbility Level 2: Moderate

The K2601 Stroboscope SELF-ASSEMBLY electronic kit is a 230Vac mains powered flashing light effect for discos. Make your own snapshots and "lightning" light effects.

Flash frequency adjustable from 2 to 20Hz.

  • power supply: 220V - 240V AC
  • PCB dimensions: 87 x 65mm (3.4" x 2.6")
  • Suitable housing: WCAH2853
  • Control knob: Order Code KB0295
  • Product format: SELF-ASSEMBLY electronic kit (KT Product Formats Info)
  • K2601 Illustrated Assembly Manual (English)
  • K2601 Assembly Manual (EU)
  • Strobe Lighting Safety - under some conditions strobe lights may induce epilepsy in flicker-sensitive individuals. The risk of seizures is believed to be lower when the flash rate is below 5 Hz (5 flashes per second).Whenever strobe lights are used, arrange for a prior warning to be given.
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