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Velleman HPS140i - Handheld Pocket Scope 40MS/s (Probe Included)

Velleman HPS140i

Velleman Instruments Range

Do not let its size fool you!

This handy oscilloscope packs a lot of power in a tiny box. Now you can really take a powerful oscilloscope everywhere.

BUYING NOTE! This version includes the Test Probe (beware cheaper alternatives that do not include the probe but fail to tell you). Please also beware of cheap unreliable copies - as Velleman UK Main Dealer we can provide full support for your purchase if required.

Compare features and specifications of the various models with our Oscilloscopes Cross Reference Guide.

Buy Velleman HPS140i Handheld Pocket Scope 40MS/s with Test Probe
  • 40Mega samples/sec in real time
  • bandwidth up to 10MHz
  • full auto range option
  • sensitivity down to 0.1mV
  • signal markers for amplitude and time
  • memory Hold function
  • direct audio power measurement
  • USB battery charger included
  • X10 measuring probe included
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