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Velleman EDU05 - ASSEMBLED USB Tutor Project Module

Ability Level 5: ProfessionalVelleman EDU05 Educational Project (Pre-Assembled - No soldering Required)
Ability Level 5 : Professional

Velleman EDUkit Range

The EDU05 USB Tutor Project assembled module allows you to make your first steps into the PC- USB world! Using this tutor module, learning how to master USB communication with the outside world becomes simple.

Examples and tutorial in Microsoft Visual Basic, C++ & C# editions.

  • Part of our EDUKIT Range
  • starting form an already made example program, this module will teach you how to:
    • read up to 8 push buttons and activate a PC event
    • light up to 8 LEDs using your PC
    • read the value of 2 different potentiometers (analog value)
    • read and display the temperature on the PC
    • read the value of a temperature dependent resistor (NTC)
    • read the value of a light dependant resistor (LDR)
    • Dim a white LED using your PC
    • learn how to display text on an LCD using your PC
    • learn how to combine the above and use the LCD to display push button press, display values..
  • USB 1.1 - 2.0 compatible
  • USB powered + LED indicator
  • PC with windows XP or higher (internet needed for software download)
  • digital input/output:
    • 8 definable push buttons
    • 8 definable LEDs
    • 1 White LED
  • analogue input:
    • temperature sensor
    • NTC resistor
    • LDR resistor
    • 2 potentiometers
  • display:
    • 16 character 1 line LCD
  • included: USB cable
  • board dimensions: 75 x 75mm / 3x3"
  • Product format: PRE-ASSEMBLED Electronic Module Product Format Info
  • EDU05 Datasheet
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