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TRE157 - PC Sound Card Telephone Recording Connector

This ready built telephone recording adaptor is specially designed to enable you to safely record telephone conversations to a computer sound card with a 3.5mm microphone jack. It incorporates special circuitry to safely isolate the computers earth from the earth of the telephone so that they cannot affect each other.

It connects between the curly handset cord and the base unit of the telephone (RJ10/4P4C style plugs only).

The "PLAY - REC" switch on the side allows recording or playback of recordings to the telephone handset. To facilitate playback, the switch is placed in the play position and the recording lead is inserted into the earpiece socket of the recording/playback device. The TRE157 is fitted with integral 2.3m long output lead terminated with a 3.5mm mono jack plug.

It allows you to manually record both sides of any telephone conversation onto a computer or automatically if appropriate PC recording software is used (not included with this product - download demo software)

NB Unit can be connected to an analogue or broadband phone line BUT will only work with handset or headset cords that are of the RJ10 (4P4C) type, and can be unplugged from the telephone base. If the phone does not have RJ10 connectors, you can purchase the optional BT Telephone Line Adaptor (Order Code TRE142).

Supplied assembled and ready to use. Especially designed to isolate the earth of the phone system from the earth of the computer. Meets the safety requirements of EN60950 of the R&TTE directive, which came into force on 1st July 2001. Contains an electronic barrier to protect the user from any dangerous voltages on the telephone network. From 1st July 2001 the requirement is that all telephone products should meet EN60950

This product is compatible with all analogue telephone systems including analogue PABX extension sockets but it will NOT work with digital PABX systems, digital phone systems or phone systems outside the UK.

The sale of products that are designed primarily to record the private oral, wire, or electronic conversations of others without their knowledge or permission is not illegal. However, these items (for example, small, easily hidden transmitting devices such as telephone "bugs", "wiretap" devices, "miniature transmitters", and "surveillance microphones") are illegal if they are actually used to record the private oral, wire, or electronic conversations of others without their knowledge or permission.

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