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2N2219A - ST 2N2219A NPN Transistor (TO-39)

The 2N2219A from STMicroelectronics is a through hole NPN silicon planar epitaxial transistor in a TO-39 package. This transistor designed as high speed switch and features low leakage currents, low saturation voltage and useful current gain over a wide range of collector currents. Typically suitable for high speed switching application.

  • Collector to emitter voltage (Vce) is 40V
  • Collector current (Ic) is 0.6A
  • Power dissipation (Pd) is 3W
  • Collector to emitter saturation voltage of 1V at 500mA collector current
  • DC current gain (hFE) of 35 at 0.1mA collector current
  • Operating junction temperature range from 175°C
  • Fairchild FDU8782 Datasheet