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AS1168KT - LED/Logic Activated Relay Board

Ability Level 1: NoviceProduct Formats Available: Pre-Assembled Module (AS) or
Self-Assembly Electronic Kit ( Soldering Required)

Simple and useful transistor switched relay board allows you to control external equipment using the onboard mains rated relay from a simple 5V logic or LED signal.

The relay is triggered when a signal voltage over 1.4Vdc is applied to the input and turns off when the voltage falls to zero.

The relay output is rated to carry up to 230Vac/24Vdc @ 2A max. It can be used in automation applications, control rooms, VOX circuits etc.

Kit version includes solder for assembly.

Supply Voltage9 - 12Vdc (Order Code 660.446UK with connector 778.106)
Relay Trigger InputLO: 0 - 0.8V
HIGH: 1.4Vdc - 12Vdc
Output Type1 x SPDT Relay
Output LoadUp to 230Vac/24Vdc, 2A maximum
Output ConnectionsNO, NC, C (Relay FAQ)
Board Dimensions~ 38 x 46 x 25 mm
Board ConnectionsSolder Posts (hole spacing will accept screw terminal blocks)
Product FormatsSELF-ASSEMBLY Electronic Kit (KT)or
PRE-ASSEMBLED Electronic Module (AS) Product Formats Info
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