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AS1119 - Telephone Recording Interface

Ability Level 2: ModerateProduct Formats Available :
Pre-Assembled Module (AS)

This Telephone Recording Interface is used to automatically record all conversations that take place on the target phone line to a tape recorder (not supplied).

It only operates the tape machine while the phone is in use so no tape is wasted or left blank.

It is very useful for the recording of commercial orders over the telephone, conversations, security etc. It draws its power from the remote control line of the cassette recorder, which should be a model which works off at least 6VDC.

The unit is connected in parallel with the phone line and to the any tape recorder's REMOTE (see note below) and MIC sockets. The board can also be used with voice activated tape recorders/personal dictation machines. These only need to have a MIC socket as the voice activation circuitry will automatically start and stop the recorder as the phone is used.

Kit includes all board mounted components and solder for assembly.

Technical Specifications
Power Supplynone (powered from phone line)
Board Dimensions42x56x15mm
Board ConnectionsSolder Posts
Product FormatPRE-ASSEMBLED Electronic Module (AS) Product Formats Info
DocumentationUser Manual
Product FormatAssembled (AS) more
  • This product does not have BT approval. It is against the law to record telephone conversations without consent.
  • NOTE: Cassette recorders with REMOTE sockets are quite difficult to obtain now but any machine that takes batteries and has a MIC socket can be easily adapted. The REMOTE socket is simply a 2.5mm jack socket (one with break contacts) that is connected in series with the low voltage positive power lead that comes from the battery compartment inside the cassette player. To install a socket you simply cut the lead and connect the socket in series so that power runs through the closed contact when no jack plug is inserted and through the board when the jack plug is inserted. It really is that easy.
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