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1102KT - 15 LED Symmetrical Stereo VU Meter Kit

Ability Level 2: ModerateProduct Format : Self-Assembly Electronic Kit ( Soldering Required)
Ability Level 2 : Moderate

This stereo VU meter is easily fitted to any amplifier or preamplifier in the car or at home. It uses 15 LEDs placed in a single straight line - 7 for each channel with the centre LED used as an ON indicator. The display is symmetrical on either side of the central LED which is always on.

It works with any amplifier or preamplifier from a few mW to 100 Watts. Suitable for almost all of our amplifier projects like the 1046, 1113, etc.

Kit includes all board mounted components and solder for assembly.

Supply Voltage12-18Vdc (Order Code 660.446UK with connector 778.106 or kit 1061KT are suitable)
Board Dimensions45x117mm
Board ConnectionsSolder Posts
Product FormatSELF-ASSEMBLY Electronic Kit (KT) Product Formats Info
DocumentationSchematic Diagram
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