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1044KT - 5-Band Graphic Equaliser Kit

Ability Level 2: ModerateProduct Format : Self-Assembly Electronic Kit ( Soldering Required)
Ability Level 2 : Moderate

Graphic equalisers are a must in any good hi-fi systems! They enable you to shape the response of the system to the particular room, or in recordings to improve deficiencies of the equipment or the original recording. A good equalizer, used with skill can dramatically improve the quality of your listening pleasure.

This equalizer has five bands which cover all the audible frequencies, centred at 60, 250, 1,000, 4,000 and 16,000 Hz. The spacing between peak frequencies is two octaves which is quite adequate for most domestic applications. Frequency adjustment is 12dB/octave.

The circuit is for one channel and if you want to use it for STEREO you should build two, one for each channel of your system. Kit includes solder for assembly.

Working voltage12-15Vdc from car battery (or kit 1061KT or Order Code 660.446UK with connector 778.106)
Current50 mA
Frequency response20Hz-20KHz
Board Dimensions44x144mm
Control KnobKB0295
Board ConnectionsSolder Posts
Product FormatSELF-ASSEMBLY Electronic Kit (KT) Product Formats Info
Documentation1044 User Manual
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