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SG01MKT - Four Train Sounds

Self-Assembly Electronic Kit (Soldering Required)

Ability Level 2: ModerateWhy see your trains go round in silence when any model railway enthusiast can use this kit to bring life to their railway set.

Produces four selectable train sounds:

  1. Whistle blowing (repeats 4 times)
  2. Level crossing bell (ding, ding, ding, ding)
  3. Clickety-clack noise of a train crossing a bridge or points
  4. Chugging sound plus the three sounds above played in sequence

The tiny COB PCB (16mm x 30mm) is small enough to fit inside many model trains. The sound can be triggered using the usual reed switch and magnet method. Two boards can be cascaded to produce a sequence of sounds from a single switch.

The kit includes a COB sound module, a motherboard for the supporting components, a 3" (75mm) diameter speaker, push switches, components and battery holder. Switch wire is not included (simple 2-core bell wire is fine).

N.B. This kit requires a reasonable level of soldering skill and it not recommended for beginners.

You can also purchase just the COB sound modules only without the additional components supplied in the kit.

Supply3 - 6V dc. 2 x AA battery holder supplied (battery Order Code 656.010)
Board Dimensions~ 33 x 23 x 15mm
Board ConnectionsSolder pads
Product FormatElectronic Kit (KT) Product Formats Info
DocumentationUser Manual
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