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SWI675UK - Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter, 600W Soft Start 12Vdc to 240Vac

Good quality compact-sized high efficiency 600 Watt soft start Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter to power 240Vac mains voltage equipment from a 12V battery. Modern electronics provide a stabilised output voltage with short-circuit and overload protection. Includes soft-start circuitry to protect equipment on power up.

The pure sine wave output produces voltage similar to that from a household mains supply allowing for the use of motor operated equipment such as fridges, fans, water pumps, vacuum cleaners that can not always be operated on a modified sine wave inverter.

Please note: To avoid damage to the inverter by any current surge please ensure the device is well within the inverter output power rating. We recommend using an inverter capable of supplying a minimum of 3 times the device's rated power for non-inductive loads and 7 times the rated power for fridges, freezers and other inductive loads.

The inverter will NOT operate high wattage appliances or equipment that produce heat, such as hair dryers, microwave ovens and toasters. Please refer to our Product Selection Guide for help choosing the correct wattage model for your application.

Supplied with 1.0m DC power lead with crocodile clips.

  • Pure sine wave output
  • Soft start (Minimises inverter shutdown when using large inductive loads)
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Short circuit and overload protection
  • Battery low/high shutdown
  • Over temperature protection
  • LED fault indicator
  • Also available in 24V version
  • Product Selection Guide
  • PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT ship this product outside the UK Mainland.
  • The output is to a BS1363 Standard 3-pin style mains socket as used in United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore
  • This is an off-grid inverter suitable for connection to a DC battery only
  • This inverter is NOT suitable for connection to a DC solar array and your homes AC power grid
DC input voltage12Vdc
Output Voltage240Vac (±10%)
Maximum output power600W continuous
Pure sine wave output50Hz (5%)
No load current<0.7A
Supplied with1.0m DC power lead with crocodile clips
Dimensions60 x 110 x 240mm
Net Weight1kg
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