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PSU235UK - 12Vac, 500mA Power Supply Non-Standard 2.5mm Plug, 230Vac

A high quality fixed 12Vac, 500mA max. plug-in mains adaptor. Supplied with integral 1.8m lead and a non-standard 2.5mm jack type plug.

Can be used to power kit 3081 and others requiring a regulated 12Vac supply where a non-standard 2.5mm power socket is fitted. The clean and stable AC output eliminates the possibility of voltage related programming errors.

Please see 660.235 for a standard 2.1mm plug version of this product.

N.B. This power supply is NOT suitable for use in North America and most European countries.Operates with 230Vac mains, 50Hz only. Compatible with British Standard BS1363 style 3-pin style mains sockets only as used in United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. We recommend that you purchase an appropriate power supply locally if your country is not included in this list.

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