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HTX001-RX001R - 1 Channel UHF Remote Control Set (Momentary Relay Output)


The HTX001-RX001R is a remote control set comprising a 1 button keyfob style transmitter and receiver module with a momentary relay output.

  • *Output is active only while keyfob button is depressed
  • Supplied factory pre-coded and ready to use
  • Transmitter range is anything between 30m to 100m depending on environment
  • Ideal for general switching purposes, including panic alarms and remote on\off control
  • Approved to ETSI300/220 on 433.92MHz

Also available as a set with an open-collector transistor output receiver module (Order Code HTX001-HRX001G).

Extra un-coded fobs are also available separately (to code them just copy an existing fob key code by soldering the track codes inside the fob).

Receiver Module
Supply Voltage10-16Vdc
(e.g. Order Code 660.446UK with connector 778.106
or CFE103 module)
Current Consumption6mA standby, 50mA max. active
Operating Temp
0 to +60 Deg C
Output Format
Momentary Action Relay
Maximum Output
Load (Resistive)
Up to 240Vac or 24Vdc @ 1 Amps max
Output ConnectionsDry contact closure
Dimensions (mm)60 x 65 x 25
Transmitter Keyfob
Supply Voltage12Vdc
Battery1 x GPA23 alkaline battery included
Operating Temp-10 to +50 Deg C
Dimensions (mm)Case: 52 x 35 x 13
PCB: 31 x 30 x 9
Product FormatPRE-ASSEMBLED Electronic Module Product Format Info
DocumentationHTX001-RX001 Series User Manual
HTX001-RX001 Series Coding Instructions
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