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F3181b - Programmed Firmware Chip for AS3181KT

Alternative Channel Setup Mode Function for 3181 Relay Board

If you need to hold the buttons for longer than 2 seconds WITHOUT changing the mode from momentary to latching (or vice versa) then this firmware upgrade is the answer.

The F3181B changes the manner in which the mode is set as follows:

To enter the mode setting function you must hold down ANY key while powering up the receiver board. When you release the key, the indicator LED will begin to flash letting you know that you have entered channel setup mode. Now just hold any of the 10 key channel combinations for 2 seconds to change between MONENTARY or TOGGLE modes. Remove the power to board complete the process.

You can either burn your own firmware using the existing chip and your preferred PIC programmer (see source code link in User Manual below) or you can purchase the pre-programmed F3181b firmware detailed below. Simply remove the original firmware and replace with the F3181b.

F3181b User Manual
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