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Cebek USB.R-40 - Computer Controlled DC Voltage Regulator, 8-30V, 8A

Cebek Electronic Modules

Cebek USB.R-40 is a USB computer controlled interface board that allows remote control of a DC input voltage in the range of 8 - 30V with output loads of up to 8 Amps.

It connects to a USB port on your computer, allowing you to remotely control the output voltage to, for example, a lamp, LED tape, DC motor and other resistive loads.

A free Windows software interface is available for download along with DLL for developers who wish to write their own applications on Net, created in C #, Visual C and Visual Basic.

The board has a power-on indicator LED and includes an auxiliary input for manual push button control of the output voltage in case of computer failure (the inputs are disabled when USB is connected).

PRODUCT SELECTION NOTES: This module has an IRFZ48N MOSFET output and can be used to control resistive loads like DC lighting, LED tapes, DC motors. It is NOT suitable for use with highly inductive loads like transformers, coils, electro-magnets, solenoids, etc,. The controller should have an output load capacity at least 25% above the peak power requirement. Please do NOT rely on rating plates for power consumption figures as they often quote average not peak power. You should verify the actual peak power at start-up and under full load before selecting an appropriate size controller.

  • Domestic and industrial automation easy to install and control
  • Domestic and industrial alarms
  • Timers and controls opening hours or closing shop
  • Opening and closing doors, windows, electric shutters, etc.
  • Turn off lights the interior or exterior of a home
  • Remote control system for watering the garden
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