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Cebek USB.I-180 - 4-Digit USB Digital Thermostat with Relay

Cebek Electronic Modules

Cebek USB.I-180 is a USB digital thermostat with separate temperature sensor board, preset function (Heat or Cool), 4 digit 13mm LED display and mains rated relay output.

Free Windows software interface displays the current temperature and allows remote setting of preset temperature threshold for relay activation.

Functions include Preset, Heat/Cool setting, Temperature Scale and Reset.

Possible applications include

  • Domestic and industrial automation - easy to install and control
  • Domestic and industrial temperature alarm
  • Temperature controlled opening and closing doors, windows, electric shutters, roof vents, etc.
  • Remote control system for watering the garden, greenhouse, etc.
  • Activation of fans in hydroponic grow rooms, conservatories, etc.

It connects to a USB port on your computer, allowing you to remotely monitor the temperature and control Preset, Low/High Temperature, Scale and Reset. Free Windows software interface is available for download (see Software tab).

A PCB mounted LED indicates when the relay is active. It has screw terminals blocks and reverse polarity protection.

Suitable for use with DIN-RAIL Mounting (Order Code C7587).

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