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Cebek USB.CD-70 - 4-Digit USB Timer / Stopwatch with Relay

Cebek Electronic Modules

Cebek USB.CD-70 is a USB digital stopwatch chronometer with a 4 digit, 13mm LED display, Preset and mains rated relay output. The maximum Preset time is 99 Hours 59 Minutes 36 Seconds. The circuit is crystal controlled ensuring a high degree of accuracy.


Onboard control inputs (for volt-free contact closures) include Start/Stop, Reset, Scale (HH.MM or MM.SS for onboard display) and Preset. It has screw terminals blocks and reverse polarity protection. Suitable for use with DIN-RAIL Mounting (Order Code C7587).

USB Interface

Can be connected to a computer using USB port and used with the free Windows software interface. The software allows you to set the Preset value and Reset the board. It also displays the status of the Start/Stop, Reset, Scale and Preset inputs and shows the current chrono time in 6-digit HH:MM:SS format.

Preset & Relay

With the Preset value set and the Preset input closed, the timer will automatically stop when it reaches the Preset value. The relay is activated and will remain on until either a software or hardware Reset is performed. A PCB mounted LED indicates when the relay is active.

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