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Cebek TR-6 (CTR006) - 2 Message, 120 Second Message Recorder, 5W RMS

Cebek Electronic Modules

Digital message recorder with 5W RMS output power for recording up to 2 messages with a combined maximum time of 120 seconds. You can repeatedly store and play any sounds, conversation, etc., as required.

The module can be configured to provide 1 message of 120 seconds or to share the total time in 2 messages of 120 seconds.

Once recorded, the messages are stored in non-volatile memory so remain even if you disconnect the power supply. Messages can be played once or in a repetitive loop.

It includes an on-board microphone with optional automatic gain control, RCA audio input and indication LEDs. Output power 5 Watts RMS at 4 Ohms, (7.2 W . musical) with volume control.

The board needs a 12Vdc supply and is reverse polarity protected. Screw terminal blocks for all connections.

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