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Cebek TR-4 (CTR004) - 1 Message, 16 Second Message Recorder, 5W RMS

Cebek Electronic Modules

Digital message recorder with 5W RMS output power for recording single messages of up to 16 seconds duration. You can repeatedly store and play any sounds, conversation, etc., as required.

Once recorded, the message is stored in non-volatile memory so remain even if you disconnect the power supply.

Message are played once only each time the play input is closed (there is no repetitive loop function on this board).

It includes a microphone with optional automatic gain control and indication LEDs. Output power 5 Watts RMS at 4 Ohms, (7.2 W musical) with volume control.

The board needs a 12Vdc supply and is reverse polarity protected. Screw terminal blocks for all connections.

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