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Cebek TR-20 (CTR020) - MP3 Player Module for Micro SD Card, 0.5W RMS

Cebek Electronic Modules

The Cebek TR-20 is n MP3 player module designed for use with a micro SD card with 0.5W RMS audio output power. It allows you to replay MP3 files previously loaded onto the card and offers the following:

  • Playing different registers or MP3 audio messages stored on an SD card
  • Digital volume adjustment 16 levels
  • Direct to Speaker output (does not support connection to amplifier)
  • Control inputs: Play, Stop, Last, Next, Vol+, Vol

Recording audio files :
The circuit does not offer automatic sequential playback of multiple audio files. If you need continuous playback of a number of different sequences, use MP3 editing software to merge them into a single file. You could use a free online program available at audio-joiner.com.

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