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Cebek R-45 (CR045) - 2 Output Cyclical Night/Day Lighting Controller (12Vdc, 4A)

Cebek Electronic Modules

12Vdc, 4 Amp 2-output cyclical Day/Night lighting controller providing a repeating virtual-day effect (Sunrise-Day-Sunset-Night) output with user adjustable times. Secondary output that activates during either the Day or Night phase only. Each output is rated for loads of up to 4 Amps. Suitable for LED strips and incandescent bulbs.

The Sunrise/Sunset transition time is user adjustable providing a fast or gradual transition in lighting intensity. The length of the Day/Night phases of the day cycle are also user adjustable.

The PRIMARY OUTPUT provides a virtual day simulation that continuously repeats whilst the module is powered. The shortest duration that one "virtual day" can be set to is 4 seconds and the longest day duration possible is 8 hours.

The SECONDARY OUTPUT can be set to activate during either the Day or Night part of the day cycle.

The module is supplied fully assembled and has an onboard safety fuse. All you need to do is house it in a suitable enclosure, add the wiring, output fuses and lights.

Applications include

  • nativity models
  • shop / window displays
  • art installations
  • hydroponics

Suitable for use with conventional incandescent filament light bulbs and 12V LED strips only. NOT SUITABLE for use with inductive loads e.g. LED bulbs, transformers, etc.

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