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Cebek R-18 (CR018) - AC Motor Push-Button Speed Controller Module, 230Vac 50Hz, 750W

Cebek Electronic Modules

This push-button operated AC motor speed controller uses Phase Angle Regulation (PAR) and a triac output and allows you to adjust the speed of 230Vac 50Hz single-phase "universal" motors as used in power drills, vacuum cleaners, etc and an operating load of up to 750 Watts.

Motor speed adjustment is achieved using either a single or pair of push-button switches (not included). The speed of the progression between minimum and maximum output power is user adjustable from 2 to 15 seconds.

In two-button mode the circuit provides immediate and complete activation / deactivation if buttons are pushed and held. The circuit also features a memory that allows the motor to be returned to a previously set speed.

In single-button mode the output will cycle from fully on to fully off. A fast button press will completely activate / deactivate depending on where it is in the cycle.

Please see User Manual below for full description.

PRODUCT SELECTION NOTES: Suitable for controlling most 230Vac 50Hz single-phase "universal" motors, lights, machinery pedals, digital control in panel lighting, etc… NOT suitable for use with synchronous AC motors, capacitor-start/run AC motors or inductive loads like halogen or PL lamps, neon, etc.. Ask the manufacturer to confirm if their motor is suitable for control using a Phase Angle Regulation (PAR) style controller BEFORE you buy this product! The motor controller should have an output load capacity at least 25% above the motors peak power requirement. Please do NOT rely on motor rating plates for power consumption figures as they often quote average not peak power. You should verify the actual peak power at start-up and under full load before selecting an appropriate size motor controller.

Please see CR019 for a 1500W version of this product.

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