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Cebek R-14 (CR014) - Touch Plate Mains Light Dimmer Module, 230Vac 50Hz, 500W

Cebek Electronic Modules

The Touch Plate Mains Light Dimmer Module (230Vac 50Hz, 500W) can be used to control lighting using a simple touch plate (not included). A single finger can be used to turn lights on/off and adjust the brightness level from fully on to fully dimmed.

Useful memory feature will return the lights to their previously set brightness level when turned off and back on again. Adjustment time from fully on to fully dimmed is 5 seconds whereupon it will cycle back to fully on.

The module is supplied fully assembled. All you need to do is house it in a suitable enclosure and connect mains, contact plate and lights.

Suitable for use with conventional incandescent filament light bulbs only. NOT SUITABLE for use with inductive loads or other types of bulbs e.g. fluorescent, CFL, halogen, transformer, etc.

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