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Cebek I-91 (CI091) - Electronic Traffic Light Simulator

Cebek Electronic Modules

The CI091 is an electronic traffic light simulator with 3 solid state outputs that sequentially connect the outputs corresponding to the green, amber and red lights. An onboard potentiometer allows the GREEN and RED output time to be adjusted between 5 and 50 seconds. The AMBER output is automatically adjusted to be a 1/4 of this time. A RESET input returns the unit to the start of the RED output active stage. It will remain held at this position for as long as the RESET input remains closed.

Onboard mounted red, yellow and green LEDs show status of solid state outputs. Each output is capable of switching a 12-15Vdc load 2A max. resistive load (e.g. filament bulbs, LEDs). NOT recommended for use with inductive loads.

Includes protection against inverse polarity and a screw terminal block for connections.

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