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Cebek I-86 (CI086) - Accurate Digital LED Thermostat Relay Module, -20 to 99.5C

Cebek Electronic Modules

High-accuracy digital thermostatic mains rated relay board module with 4-digit LED display and memory. Push button temperature setting of activation and deactivation temperatures. Hysteresis adjustable from-25°C. Accurate to 0.5°C. Non-volatile memory backup.

Output relay is activated when the ambient temperature falls under the user-adjusted trigger temperature range of -20 to 99.5°C.*

Relay output is turned off when the ambient temperature rises 0.5°C above the user-adjusted trigger temperature. Temperature probe is included.

* Equipment can be connected to the relay output to either turn ON or turn OFF when the relay is activated (Relay FAQ). The relay output can be used to control a fan, heater, etc (see table below for relay rating).

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